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Often used for fly fishing, but can be used in other scenarios as well. The Orvis Knot is a very strong and easy to tie knot that works in diameters up to 30 lb. How to: #1. Feed line through hook eye from below and wrap behind standing line. Cross over standing line and bring end through first loop formed, creating a figure eight. #2. Feed tag end through top of loop on right from behind and repeat for a send pass through the loop. #3. The line should look like this before tightening. #4. Moisten line a pull tag end to close knot. Alternately pull on hook and standing line and the tag end to tighten the knot down on the hook eye. Trim tag end.
@happyrock I think you'dl ike this one, check it out
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@mcgraffy thanks! i'll have to practice it some but seems good for what I need
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