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Line to Hook Knots: Knotless Knot (Hair Rig)
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The Knotless Knot is a popular knot among carp fishermen. Various baits such as bollies can be secured to the loop section (also known as a “hair rig”). The rig is extremely effective when tied correctly and actually has some self-hooking properties. #1. Tie a loop at the end of the line to hold the bait. Thread other end of line through eye of hook and adjust the loop to desired position. #2. Double back and make 5 to 8 wraps around hook shank, keeping turns neat and orderly. #3. After last wrap, run free end through eye of hook. #4. While holding the loop end in its desired position, pull free end tight while working wraps up to eye of hook. A drop of super glue can also be used on the knot.
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