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Do you believe in good or bad fishing luck? There are many fisherman that believe bananas (and thus all banana logo'd items, and banana flavored foods) are bad luck on the fishing boat. So, not bananas allowed! This likely came from the tale that the whole crew of an old sailing ship fell ill after eating bad bananas. Another is that bananas often made up the large part of floating debris found after a ship sinking. Either way, the superstition has carried over into sport fishing. So, don't be surprised when the captain demands you get rid of the banana in your lunch cooler before setting foot on the boat. That's not the only superstition: some say it's bad luck to step on a boat with your left foot first, so many anglers insist on reading in right foot first. There are also many "first-fish" related stories: if you don't release your first catch, you'll be jinxed. If you catch a really nice fish on your first cast, you won't catch anything else all day. If you don't kiss that first fish, you're gonna fall on bad fortunes. These are all tales told and circulated by anglers. Do you believe in signs that portend "good" or "bad" fishing luck? What are your fishing superstitions?
@happyrock that's what I thought, but I guess the winds are usually directed in at least /some/ way!
@fallingwater I've heard thst too, but dont the winds blow around all day? ha I can't figure out how that one would be true @mcgraffy if the cows aren't standing?? I've never ever heard that one
I can't say I believe in them, but sometimes coincidence has it seem that way. My family always refuses to fish if the cows around town on the way to the lake are laying down; "Everyone knows the fish aren't biting if the cows aren't standing" I'm not sure, though.
I've honestly never heard the one about bananas, but my dad always told me "wind out of the east fish bite the least. wind out of the west fish bite the best." Problem is I'm awful at identifying wind direction!