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London is showing off it's love of books with these bright benches; awesome! It's cool to see a city take hold of such an important part of life, and bring it to other areas...aka where you sit! The National Literacy Trust, along with public art promoter Wild in Art, has commissioned and placed 50 benches around town that are painted to look like pages and scenes from famous books. The benches will then be auctioned off in October, and there will be a bunch of literary events to accompany the project. Very cool!
@kristenadams, I wish! They will be auctioned off before I get to London. Still, it's a great idea! And who knows, maybe one will end up in The British Library, or a bookstore, and I'll get to see it there:)
Maybe @Spudsomma has seen these!
@Spudsomma I hope you get to!! That'd be awesome :)
These are fantastic! What a nice take on reminding people about books in their daily life.