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This article, annoying as it seemed at first, really rang true for me. Growing up, we never realize what our parents do for us, or the simple fact that they don't have to. Despite what it may seem, your parents don't have to love you. They choose to do so, and for that, and so many other reasons, we should appreciate them. The list, condensed, of perfectly simple reasons we should remember to appreciate (and thank) our parents while growing up under their roof: 1) For having things you don't realize you'll need (like a plunger). 2) Restocking the things you do use often. 3) Being frugal at the right times i.e. buying generics. 4) Punishing you when necessary. You learned something; trust me. I've raised three kids, and sometimes, you have to be taught a lesson to learn it. 5) Allowing you to ask the stupid, basic questions, and helping you learn your way through it. 6) Patiently teaching you basic manners, so that you don't turn into a rude adult. 7) Sharing only information, not forcing your opinion. 8) Teaching you to respect, not fear, them. 9) Helping you be realistic while also not telling you that you cannot achieve your dreams. 10) Making your childhood awesome, no matter what the financial situation. If your parents managed to do all of the above, give them a hug. It's not as easy as it may seem, and you'll realize that (or maybe you already have) once you raise kids on your own.
Exactly, anything I've done or I'm going to do for them will never enough to pay back what they have done for our life. We will understand this when we are growing older.
My parents are so awesome. Thanks mom and dad!!!
@saharhyunjoong Glad to hear there are some who agree!
@happyrock Yes! Go mom and dad!
sooooo trueee