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It is only day three of the competition and already numerous athletes have gotten in trouble for their tweets, which have embarrassed the person, their teams, and their countries. These are already the Twitter Games. The Solo/Lolo Show has dominated US Olympics talk. Soccer player Hope Solo went on a Twitter rant against Brandi Chastain. Hurdler Lolo Jones made an insensitive joke on Twitter about the US and guns. And on Monday, a second athlete — neither are Americans — was kicked out of the Olympics for racist comments on Twitter. Should athletes be kicked out of the Olympics for racist tweets? Do you think that countries should ban their athletes from using twitter during the Olympic Games?
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I say yes to the ban. just make it a condition of joining the team. Yeah, free speech, blah, blah, blah, but it would seem that these athletes are harming themselves more than anyone else. Goodbye endorsements and for some, goodbye olympics
I don't think they should ban them. Whatever happened to free speech?
why should we protect them from their stupidity? It just shows the rest of the world what type of person they really are
guess you can finally tell who the idiots are.