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Larry King is one of the most well known faces of television, but many do not know that he has faced a couple of significant health challenges in his life. Now 80 years old, he has made it past two major health setbacks. First, in 1987, he had a heart attack which helped him realize that he needed to give up smoking in order to change his lifestyle. A diagnosis with type 2 diabetes in 1995 made him realize that he needed to change even more. King fights back against complications by: - Eating what he loves - he won't eat bland food, but he keeps a healthy diet - Being a perfect patient while managing his medications with a doctor - frequent checks of his A1C blood levels - Keeping exercise fun so you keep doing it While King was never incredibly up front about his disease (because his show is about his guests, not him) he doesn't even mention it in his autobiography. Like many other celebrities with diabetes, he has tried to raise awareness of diabetes with some PSAs and interviews.
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