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Drew Carey had always been a rotund figure in comedy, often playing on his weight for many of his jokes. But his weight, and the associated unhealthy lifestyle he says he was living, were causing him more problems than good. Carey was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes, and thus found that his high-carb diet that was maintaining his high weight was also causing him other side effects, making his life more difficult. Carey decided enough was enough, and decided to lose weight and live a more healthy lifestyle. Carey decided to do the following: - Aim to stop taking medicines and insulin to control his blood sugar - To achieve this, he began a strict low-carb diet - Ate low-carb fruits like blueberries, rather than high-card fruits like bananas - 45 minutes of cardio exercise a day, 5 days a week - Getting fit for yourself, not for someone else. Check out the interview on slide #2 to hear this opinion on this. Through these efforts, Carey has ultimately dropped 80 pounds, has begun running marathons, and feels healthier than he ever has. The effects of diabetes aren't plaguing him anymore, and he's been able to enjoy his new diet. As he said, once you start feeling the results of taking care of your body and it's needs, its addicting. It's not a difficult task, but an enjoyable one, and he's never felt better.
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Now THAT is a success story! I didnt know he was running marathons now, good for him!