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Nathan Steffel's daughter Sophia lived for only six weeks before sadly passing away last week due to a hepatic hemangioma in her liver. Having never seen his daughter without tubes, he reached out to fellow Reddit users asking if anyone was capable of removing the tubes from her photo...the response was amazing. People all over the world stopped what they were doing to offer their condolences and many sent pictures of their work - the results you can see here. Image Credit * Reddit
awww yeah I heard about this, so sweet! reddits kind of intimidating but they do really cool stuff sometimes I think.
it's heartbreaking but how inspiring~ it's nice to know that people still care
I overheard my coworkers talking about this but didnt actually see it myself. Thanks for posting this, I'm glad there was some happiness in this story.
Wow thats so sad. I'm with you that things like this restore my faith in humanity haha We can really create beautiful things out of less beautiful circumstances :)