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Chef Paula Deen is famous for butter, butter and more butter, but she was diagnosed with diabetes in 2012. Because of her position, it seems that she might have a hard time managing her disease. An unhealthy diet on its own will not get you diabetes, but when you already have some risk factors like ago, genes and more, you'll become even more likely to run into such a disease. It also ups the risk of insulin resistance, making your disease even harder to manage. Many people had a large problem with Deen's antics when it came to her diabetes, because she hid it for more than 3 years while still promoting a largely unhealthy lifestyle. When she appeared on the Today Show, she didn't share what her blood sugars were like. She didn't consider that there are diabetic out there that want to entertain and cook too, and her failure to share more info about how to do so while being diabetic disappointed some people. Even so, Deen began to endorse some diabetes medications, and has shared her recommendations on how to live a healthy life with diabetes: - Cut our sweet tea (but really) - Walk daily, at least 1 mile - Try lighter recipes that still give you full flavor so you don't feel like you're missing out - If you don't need to test daily, at least test your blood sugar each week, and go to the doctor for regular blood sugar tests
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She is not a role model at ALL when it comes to taking care of your body with diabetes