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This video is aimed at those of who you've just started learning or who have only got a little bit of Korean ^^ I hope it helps and if you have any questions/requests you can comment below, contact me via twitter/facebook or even email me at Don't forget to follow me here on Vingle and/or subscribe to my Youtube for updates and new videos.
you've brought out some really good tips for learners :) any chance of a video on what made you start learning Korean?
thanku sooo much 4 dis video i really appreciate it :-)
@caricakes I'm sure you can do it! I'll be posting more videos aimed at intermediate/advanced level speakers so stay tuned! :D
I've been living in on and off for about two years now and I've decided to really buckle down and work on my speaking. I can read and write fairly well but my speaking skills are embarrassing :/ Looking forward to more videos!
this should have loads more views
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