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At the end of 2013, after a rigorous audition process over the summer, I was invited to fly out to Korea to participate in the IU episode on Season 2 of Hidden Singer. Here you can see my interview in Korean on the show. (Yes, I was blonde ^^).
jeez - your Korean is amazing!
@kpopandkimchi the idea is for normal people to try and sing idol's songs. Four people and the idol are hidden behind doors while they sing, the audience votes for who they think ISN'T the idol and each round, one person is eliminated! It's actually happened in the past that the idols get eliminated quite early on - so embarrassing!! ^^ Unsurprisingly, IU won on our episode but it was quite close~
wow, im very impress, i definitely admire you, (*_*)
I haven't seen this show before but thats really cool for you!
this is inspirational! I hope I can speak Korean like you one day!
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