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Dating rumors between idols have been escalating now, this time, a male duo is the target! SHINee’s Key has been rumored to be dating with INFINITE’s Woohyun, who is his bandmate in ToHeart. On variety show “Star Gazing”, Key appeared as one of the permanent panelists yesterday, July 3. The issue that they were discussing was about Fly to the Sky’s two members have been rumored to be dating. The discussion then moved to Key’s rumors that he is dating with Woohyun. “Every time I’m promoting an album, I always hear the issue. I’ve heard rumors saying that I’m dating certain members of SHINee or INFINITE’s,” he said. He even claimed that he had heard rumors that ToHeart was formed by the agency to cover their dating scandal. So how did Key react to the rumors? “I just take them as jokes,” he said casually.
So what.. We've shipped members for so long, why has it become a scandal now
The rumor mill is out of control these days. Just let these idols live! They're already in the public eye enough, poor boys.
I'm glad he takes it so well. I don't really get where the rumours come from (trolls and wishful shipping, probably), but if it was me, I definitely wouldn't be taking them as well. I'd probably be crying or just be angry all the time.
@lili @chasinghapiness I know! When I read this I was so upset.
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