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Sometimes, the best part of fishing is when you get to preparing a meal from your hard earned catch. Check out the video on slide 2 to see the more detailed steps of how to filet a largemouth bass. 1 Place the largemouth bass on the cutting board lengthwise with its dorsal side facing away from you. Use a fillet knife to remove the scales by gently scraping from the fish's tail to its head. Wash the scales away with cold water from the sink or from an outdoor hose. 2 Slice open the largemouth bass from its gill juncture to its rectum, maintaining from a 1/4-inch to a 1/2-inch incision the entire way. Completely remove the fish's organs--heart, lungs, intestines and stomach--until the entire cavity is clean. Use the hose or sink to wash out any remaining blood or tissue. (this removal is not shown in the video). 3 Make another incision at the very back of the largemouth bass's head, approximately a 1/4-inch deep, then follow the spine around the dorsal fin all the way to the tail. The video shows this being done on both sides of the fish. 4 Start the next incision in the same place as the last, at the back of the fish's head, and cut downward around the pectoral fin to the beginning of the first incision. 5 Slide the knife from the pectoral fin all the way to the tail, keeping the tip of the fillet knife right against the fish's spine. Do not cut through the tail. 6 Flip the entire section you have just created away from the head and toward the tail. The two sides of the fish should not look like a mirror image of one another. 7 Separate the meat from the skin by sliding the fillet knife laterally down the tail juncture. You will now be left with the fillet. Clean your work surface with the hose or with a sponge.
thanks for the instructions. ...easy to follow. I like that it seems like a pretty clean method
@happyrock you finally decided to give in and try keeping em? good luck!
its been a while since I actually filleted a fish; good refresher thanks