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We've seen this before in plenty of music videos. Repeated places, girls, cars, you name it! But what I've never seen is two videos released back to back with nearly the exact same set and color scheme. Pay close attention to Girl's Day's "Darling" and Sistar's "Touch My Body." Did Girl's Day get lucky by coming back first or did they purposely try to release before Sistar? I can't wait to see the full video for 'Touch My Body' so we can see how similar these comebacks will be!
Although it's similar I don't think it's a bad thing? Like since they're both going for a song fit for summer, I'm not surprised that they have colorful sets. I think the difference is that SISTAR's will be blatantly sexy while Girl's Day will be just cute (with hints of sexy)
no they didnt. none of them copied each other. it's just the summer concept.
@chasinghapiness It looks like they're going for a sexier concept so I hope they dont match completely!
Those do look really similar so I hope that Sistar's song is totally different!