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Singer-actress IU shares a very personal story on "Healing Camp." On the July 14 broadcast of the popular talk show "Healing Camp," IU talked about the stress and pressure of being a solo singer at her young age. When she was younger, her family experienced a financial slump, which resulted in their family being separated from each other. At her age, she was forced to do her best in order to earn for the family. She also opened up about developing an eating disorder, and she confessed, "I have always felt insecure of others." "I was very anxious from my debut until a certain point in my career, and I felt empty on the inside regardless. I tried to fill this void by eating a lot, I ate so much, to the point that I felt sick afterwards." She continued, "Instead of feeling good, I felt worse about myself, and I decided to get medical treatment for it." IU had her singing debut at the age of 15, and made a name for herself with her heartfelt and honest acoustic sound. She also ventured into acting, debuting in the drama "Dream High."
When I read this I assumed she starved herself because she's so skinny, I would have never thought the opposite!
나의 아름다운 공주 여왕. ♥ IU ♥ my love girl 섹시한 공주
She's so strong for realizing that she needed help. I'm so glad she is able to be open about it now!
It's not really a disorder if she eats a lot and still pretty as she is right?! I mean what should I say about myself then?
I remember when she first debuted and fans would heckle her for being a little chubby :/