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All that trying to keep your real identity under wraps … who knew getting even would be so hard? Will his sister Yeonha be the next one to recognize Yoon Kang? Will she be as stunned as Soo In? I understand the frustration with Soo In nearly blowing his cover, but give her a break. When he’s a replica of her kindred soul (and in this case, is actually the original), how should she react? And how is she supposed to know about his plans? :P But maybe next week, he’ll finally break his secret to her. ;) We might not get much of it, but next episode, it looks like Yoon Kang (aka Hanjo) and Soo In will fall back into their good ol’ bantering. :)
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i already watch ep7..gusshhhh...ooommooo...now i wait the ep8...heheheh...im so excited @divalycious ...then i wait so many days again before i gonna watch this drama again .... ;)