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This week, Soo In comes face to face with Yoon Kang the gunman! The scene below intimates that it is night time, and Yoon Kang, his face partially disguised by his gunman/ninja-like outfit, seems to be either in pursuit or attempting to escape during a crisis. Maybe he’ll try to rescue Yeonha from Choi Won Shin’s household, assuming that is where she ends up … In any case, he runs into Soo In during his late night activity. With urgency, he gets close to her, putting his hand over her mouth to quiet her. Her eyes convey her state of shock … but is it because of the danger permeating the moment or does she realize it is Yoon Kang’s eyes pressing for her trust and silence? Will Yoon Kang take this chance to reveal his real identity to her? And if so, will she run with him?