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In a recent interview together, actors Gong Yoo and Ha Ji Won announced that the two of them were awarded ambassador jobs with the The Korean National Tax Service. Gong Yoo mentioned that he has never worked with Ha Ji Won so, of course, the two ambassadors decided to make it happen! During the interview, the two of them decided that they will work together for their next project! Currently, Ha Ji Won is filming a new movie and Gong Yoo told her he’ll be waiting for her!
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gong yoo <3
4 years ago·Reply
@lama @saharhyunjoong I would be so so happy if they worked together ahhhh
4 years ago·Reply
I would love to see this happen! I love both of them, Gong Yoo grew on me and Ji Won has always been an amazing actress. Writers, directors, producers, please make it happen.
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looking forward to their project together.. ;)
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