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Zumba Basic Steps and Tips for Beginners
After starting barre, I've become addicted to dance inspired exercise. This video is perfect for giving you a preview of what to expect at your first Zumba class. Lots of salsa steps :)
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This is actually so helpful. I'd be stepping on so many toes if I didn't practice at least a tiny bit first!
3 years ago·Reply
I honestly watch so many zumba videos on youtube but have never actually gone to a class. I really want to start!!
3 years ago·Reply
I've always wanted to take salsa classes so maybe I can do this instead
3 years ago·Reply
Zumba is a great workout. I always come out of class smiling
3 years ago·Reply
I dont really like dancing but maybe if I convince myself its just another exercise class I can get over my fear hahah
3 years ago·Reply