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As the summer waters heat up, the lures you're using needs to change, too. In the hottest parts of summer, these lures will do you good.
Been fishing my whole life live in Ohio this summer has been a ruff go for me I have great gear and tackle and I would say I'm a little above average when it comes to bass fishing but this year has really been ruff the fish just aren't as aggressive as the have been in the recent years and I feel as if I'm in a slump even my comfort lures aren't getting the hits they used to get anyone have some advice ? I'm more and more discouraged every time I hit the water and to day for the first time in a long time I caught no fish .
@BobGriffith have you been trying plastics? I always fall back to them when im getting nothing. I know it can be tough but you know this heat can make the fishing difficult sometimes. That or try some night fishing!
@dougjohnson @mcgraffy both work spectacularly!
big plastics, everywhere. works for me!
frogs are good for everything this time of year; love it! need some more big bass blowouts!