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Hummingbirds are notorious for flapping their wings so incredibly fast that they create an audible hum and appear as a blur of feathers right before your eyes. To inspect the beauty of such a tiny creature is near impossible when the birds are zipping quickly through the air. However, during a trip to Costa Rica, Scotland-based photographer Chris Morgan demonstrated an incredible passion for documenting the unique birds through his lens. I have obviously never been able to observe a hummingbird so closely before and I think they're absolutely beautiful! Chris Morgan had to take a ton of photos to get these, stating that "a good proportion [of photos] were excellent out of focus pictures of bushes with no birds to be seen! But I really felt my abilities improved over the hour. Nothing like a bit of practice."
The second photo is wonderful. The chest coloring is fantastic.
Macro photography can be fun sometimes. @sophiamor I don't think he would be frustrated, it's not a boring or exceeding difficult task to sit in front of hummingbird with a camera in hand :)
The detail in the first one is unreal!
The third picture is gorgeous! I would have been so frustrated if I were the photographer.