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Polaroids of Famous Models Without Makeup

When a model goes on an audition, aka a go-see, she often has a Polaroid picture taken of her by a casting director, on the spot, without any makeup on. This is done so that the modeling agency can take a look at the model's face that serves as a blank canvas. Casting director Douglas Perrett has saved his personal collection of instant-images over the years and just recently released a limited edition book packed with Polaroid photos of models, when they were just starting out. Who do you recognize? 1. Miranda Kerr 2. Rosie Huntinton-Whiteley 3. Chanel Iman 4.Candice Swanepoel 5.Elettra Wiedemann 6.Abbey Lee Kershaw 7. Arizona Muse 8. Daul Kim 9.Liu Wen 10.Hilary Rhoda
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Women as well as Models should learn to accept themselves without Make Up girst before the Razzle Dazzle of the Catwalk... The finished article will always gleam!
@zhengshi I think they look more youthful!
they're so beautiful~
Goodness, they look quite different - I actually think most of them look more beautiful without makeup.... there's just something special about natural beauty...
I dont really know any of these models except for Miranda Kerr, but they are all stunning!
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So true