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* Cloudy, overcast perfect for topwater fishing * 6' 6" medium-heavy rod * #30 to #60 braid for frog fishing - In my opinion, #10 to #20 braid should be enough for most pond fishing * Their frog color advice: - Overcast (white sky): white belly frog - Nighttime, dark conditions: black belly
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put that fish down a little more carefull next time....otherwise nice video
You fucks need to work on your fish handling skills don't just throw them back you jack ass
@JustinHenry It's like people aren't taught how to respect the fish we're catching anymore....can't stand it. If you're going to catch and release we can't give them a death sentence like that
@JustinHenry @mcgraffy Agreed. To be honest I almost didn't share this video because of that, but I thought the tips were still pretty alright....we need to put up some lessons on how to release fish better.
@dougjohnson That's something their dads shoulda taught them growing up. I hate it even more when I see parents letting their kids (over age 8 or 9) torpedo fish into the water...