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Kim Kardashian is making it rain. Some of you might have heard or already downloaded her new app, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, released earlier this summer. It's insane how much money is being generated by this app, that is basically a game of you trying to become an A-list celebrity. The app is predicted to make $200 million, with TMZ reporting that she will make approx. $85 million from this app. So much money! Sadly, this app is just getting money from users without any good purpose...why can't the Kardashians show support for more meaningful things?
didn't like the game.don't care for her show much either.just seems like a whole lot of greed to me...
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Yes, I totally agree. I heard it does suck you in so I am avoiding it.
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It's very addicting. I play it while I'm walking at grocery stores looool
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