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* Any gear you would normally take fishing * Lights (see this card for more information:) * Bug spray (especially if fishing from the shore) * Full cooler and some snacks (this parts just for fun) * Chairs (especially if fishing from the shore or a pier) * Modified Landing Net Another handy item to have when night fishing is a light equipped landing net. It is easy to make one. Simply take a regular landing net and duct tape a small flashlight to its handle. Prices for landing nets usually start at $30 and you can pick up a small, waterproof flashlight for less than $5. * Modified Personal Flotation Device (aka a life jacket) One other item every after dark angler should invest in is a reflective personal floatation device (PFD) that has been equipped with a strobe light and a beacon. You can purchase clip on strobe lights and beacons as well as reflective tape to add to your existing PFD. Prices will vary.
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I dont think ill be modifying my life jacket haha but cool idea
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@happyrock Better to be safe, isn't it? Boating accidents can happen a lot easier at night and you're much more likely to be found if you go overboard with this life jacket. I guess it always depends on the size of the water though
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