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* Modified Flashlight Temporary blindness when bright lights are turning on and off at night can be a problem while night fishing. One way to prevent temporary night blindness is to cover your flashlight lens with a piece of colored cellophane. You can attach the cellophane to the flashlight with a large rubber band like the ones used to secure newspapers. Red, yellow and blue colors work the best, and a roll of it is usually only about $4. * Black light If plan to do more than a little night fishing, you should outfit your boat with a black light. Most black lights are designed to plug into a cigarette lighter port or the gunnel of the boat. Prices for electric powered black lights tend to start at $90. If your boat doesn't have a place to plug in a black light, you may opt to purchase a battery powered one. They tend to be cheaper in the short term but more expensive in the long haul due to replacement battery costs. * Floating Lights With these lights, they provide light, as well as shoot a beam of light down to attract both bait and game fish. In recent years, floating lights with more energy-efficient LED or fluorescent illumination have become widely available. Also, green lights have become available in addition to white. Power for these models may come from standard 12-volt alligator clips, a cigarette-lighter plug or alkaline batteries. A molded handle on some of these units allows them to double as spotlights, camp lights or boat lights. The best also have safety fuses and long, safely insulated cords. * Fishing Light Colors Fishing lights are available in two primary colors: white and green. You might wonder why red lights aren't used, or blue or purple. Why white and green? And which color is better? Does it really matter? Yes, because plankton and other small, tiny bits are attracted to these colors, and thus fish end up being more attracted as well. NOTE: Your boat must be anchored (or you need to be on a pier) for the plankton to be given enough time to gather.
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depending on the fishing line you use. the black light can make the line glow. easier to see the line. I use one when we catfish at night. I use the big game line. glows like a glow stick when the black light hits it.
are the black lights for any specific purpose?