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Here is a tutorial that will teach you how to make a cool burned wood engraving on photoshop! The logo used is just a place holder, you can use whatever kind of logo that you want! The wood texture can easily be found on google images. Step 1: Picture 2 Start by finding a nice looking wood texture and uploading it to Photoshop. Make sure it is a high resolution image for best results! Step 2: Picture 3 Next add some layer adjustments. These adjustments will give the wood more of a vintage feel. To find the layer adjustments options you can just click on the icon that looks like a black and white cookie on the bottom of the layers dialog box. First add a Brightness/Contrast adjustment layer to reduce contrast and second add a Hue/Saturation adjustment to decrease the saturation level. Step 3: Picture 4 Now it is time to make/upload your text and shapes in Photoshop. Step 4: Picture 5 Add the logo to the wood texture image. Step 5: Picture 6 Depending on the wood texture image, you will have to adjust the logo to match the perspective of the wood texture. Use: Edit > Transform > Distort to change the perspective and get it just right! Step 6: Pictures 7, 8, 9 Now, follow the guideline in the following layer styles options to make the wood burned text effect more realistic. You may have to play around with the setting on these layer styles in order to get it just right, but the settings shown here should be a good starting point. Step 7: Picture 10 Enjoy your cool new branding power!
I'm glad you enjoyed it. I think I may start creating "fun" tutorials, people seem to respond well to them. Unfortunately you need a basic understanding of the tools before you can really know what you are doing, so a combination of information based tutorials and fun tutorials seems bes
Nice tutorial! this actually might come in handy down the road!