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Doug's Crappie Summer Night Fishing Tips
* Search for ledges and deep water structure, using digital equipment if you have it. Anchor up, and get fishing. * Drop offs near banks and standing timber can be very successful spots. * 25 to 30 ft of clear water is among the most successful. * Set up your lights These will attract the small bits, that will attract minnows, that will attract crappies. Set them up, anchor if you're on a boat, and wait for the crappie to show up before you start fishing. Otherwise, you might spook them. * Use an ultra-lite rod with high visibility line so you don't miss bites. Try to angle your boat so you are able to see where they would be biting, if possible. * Watch your line. When it goes slack, set the hook. Chances are, you're going to loose it otherwise.
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