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* Try using minnows, drop them to about 30 ft with a 1/16 or 1/8oz weight, and bring it up slowly to try to attract the stripes. * Make sure to use a light. Fish that were reclusive by day come out to feed and frolic after-hours, and they are drawn to a light. The beam of light in dark water attracts aquatic insects and small minnows, which in turn attract larger minnows. Once there’s a school of minnows circulating underneath the lights, the stripes generally aren’t far behind. Some theorize that the light itself is an attractor; that for whatever reason, stripes are drawn to the glow. * Find a productive location. Stripes like locations with a bit of a current, and also enjoy attractive structure in otherwise open water. Other prospective spots are creek mouths and the edges of river channels. Bait-shop owners often can offer advice on good stripe-fishing locations, so ask around before you head out night fishing. * If you can't use minnows, Stripes are voracious feeders. They’ll usually (but not always) hit anything that imitates the flash or wiggle of a darting minnow. Jigs, spoons and spinners are effective. * But try to use minnows. Nothing imitates a minnow like a minnow. * There isn't a certain time that's best for stripes, when they move in, they move in.
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so, minnows? is it possible to catch them as bait fish at night or should I prepare that ahead of time?
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