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There are some that say you can only fish for catfish at night in the summer, but that's really not the case. Still, fishing for catfish at night in the summer can't be beat. * Catfish are Warmwater Fish Catfish feed heavily in midsummer to gain weight they lost during spawn. Prime time is between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m. as they move into the shallows to feed. * Find your spot before dark. Look for a flat just off a river channel or a drop off where you know there are fish during the day. * Downed timber and brush are even better. * Timber and brush are heavy, so use a medium-heavy action rod and spool, and a bare minimum of #20 braided line. * Carolina rig with an egg sink above a 3/0 circle hook. Don't try to set the hook too hard, just lift. The circle hook tends to set itself. Circle hooks also tend to get hooked in the corner of the fish’s jaw; this is great especially at night as it makes getting the hook out of the catfish’s mouth much easier. * Use cut bait. Cutbait, shrimp, or homemade blood bait are the most effective. * Stay deep enough. Even though the cats come out to feed, they're not going to be inches from the shoreline. In winter and summer cats will hold in the deepest water that has enough oxygen to support them, searching for temperatures in the mid 70s.
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