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Which lure is the absolute best for bass fishing? Is it these 10, or is there something better? The more I learn about fishing, the more I can't decide what lure is the ULTIMATE lure for bass fishing. Do you agree with this list of the top 10 bass lures? 1. Strike King Red Eye Shad: Need a shallow water lure that’s perfect for fall bass fishing? Bass fishing mastermind Kevin VanDam used this gold-tinged, lipless crankbait beauty to score his third Bassmaster Classic win in 2011. If that’s not reason enough to add this one to your arsenal, I don’t know what is. 2. Lucky Craft Blade Cross: With an impressive five-star rating from Field and Stream and a unique, long-bodied design – the length measures at 3.6 inches – this spinnerbait lure already has a reputation for helping anglers to notch extremely productive bass fishing sessions. 3. The Alabama Rig: In 2011, Bassmaster named the Alabama Rig as the most influential lure in the bass fishing world, and two years later, it’s still causing a buzz. With a single bait designed to drag five individual lures behind it – in the hopes of imitating the look and activity of a small school of baitfish – the Alabama Rig requires heavier-duty fishing lines, rods, and reels to work, but undoubtedly gets results. 4. Jackall Soul Shad: Used by Cliff Pace to win the 2013 Bassmaster Classic, the Jackall Soul Shad, just like the Strike King Red Eye, is perfect for the difficult waters of late fall fishing. 5. Jackall Boil Trigger: When it comes to topwater lures, you can’t do much better than this one, which has a nice paint finish to make it look like the very largemouth bass you are trying to catch. With a rapid zigzag motion that will catch many a fish’s eye, this lure is worth its comparatively high price. 6. Gambler Ugly Otter: It’s got a unique look, but this distinctive blue and silver sinker earned itself nationwide recognition last year, when Alabama’s Chris Lane used it to win the bassmaster classic. 7. Rapala Ultra Light Crank: Forget larger lures. This 1.5 inch crankbait is a perfect baitfish imitator that can sink to the bottom of many a bass-ridden river or stream late in the season. That it comes from one of the most noted lure manufacturers in the world only sweetens the deal. 8. Rapala Husky Jerk: It only makes sense that Rapala would have two lures on this list, one a crankbait, the other this handy jerkbait. When the wind kicks up and renders your topwater baits ineffective, this lure can bail you out with its eye-catching underwater movement. 9. Lake Fork Flutter Spoon: If you like to fish with a limp or slack line, then chances you are already using the Lake Fork Flutter Spoon. If you aren’t using it, however, you should be. With a realistic reflective finish and a fluttering movement pattern that mimics a dying baitfish, it’s no surprise that professional anglers have used this lure to win the big money at nationwide competitions. 10. Booyah Buzz Bait: These aluminum baits aren’t pretty, but they get the job done in areas with heavy grass, seaweed, or other bottom cover. Some anglers don’t like buzz baits; others consider them the ultimate bait for reeling in an eight-pound bass. Decide for yourself and try a Booyah Buzz Bait.
@fallingwater that's a shame because simple always works best fo r me
@mcgraffy it seems "simple" didn't make this list :(
I just like a simple c-rigged worm most of the time