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VidEra Review, Bonus Demo – Create Gorgeous Video Funnels

Why VidEra And How Is It Different?
The competition online is at an ALL TIME HIGH since a lot of businesses migrated online due to the outbreak of C0vid 19 last year… With everyone competing for the same buyers, the best way to stand out is to get PERSONAL WITH VIDEO!!!
VidEra helps you record and send effective personalized video messages to convert your prospects into buyers and to build better business relationships From 3 Different Channels, rather than relying on faceless, typed-out text based funnels, emails and pages that lack emotion, personality and tone. Which makes your message ignored or misunderstood.
This time with VidEra, we’re not merely bringing another video product to the market, rather we’re obviously bringing a unique and more powerful 3-In-1 Video Marketing App that combines the features of 3 great apps into one;
– Video Funnels
Use video in your lead-gen funnels to make it more personal and get higher quality leads. Video funnel make a stronger connection with your prospects and pre-qualify them via a series of recorded questions. Pre-recorded video helps you get face to face with prospects, creating a deeper level of trust.
– Video Email
Tired of unengaged leads? Swap text-based emails for video and establish a human connection with your prospects. Using video means your leads feel seen and heard. Making them more invested, engaged, and confident to take the next step. With VidEra, your messages can be as personal, effective, and engaging as a face-to-face meeting.
– Video Pages
This is your virtual solution to introducing yourself and your services in the most genuine way. VidEra Video Page is The quickest, most effective closing tool in sales.
In Conclusion;