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Twomad at the beginning

Muudea, better recognised on line as Twomad (born: December 17, 2000 [age 20]), is a Canadian YouTuber and streamer who creates gaming, skits, and remark content material on 3 channels. He is known for the meme "Goodnight lady" meme. He turned into born in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

As of October 2021, he has over 2 million subscribers.


Twomad at the beginning uploaded flow highlights from numerous games he achieved (inclusive of Fortnite and Overwatch). On the twomad channel, he moreover uploaded a sequence of Discord storytime films. Starting from May 9th, 2019, twomad uploaded fewer flow highlights and greater statement and skit films. A month later, twomad uploaded his first “My lifestyles's largest bruh moments” (sic) video which blew up. twomad goodnight girl

Twomad 360

Twomad 360 is an extra channel owned via twomad. On twomad 360, twomad uploaded Overwatch content material material together with his “How 2...” collection and “Nerf...” series is his most famous series’. Twomad additionally published Fortnite content on twomad 360 beginning from spherical 2018 for a brief at the equal time as earlier than transferring returned more on Overwatch content material fabric. In April 2020 he began livestreaming in this channel, mostly gaming. He used to livestream on Twitch, however moved to YouTube live-streaming because of anxiety with Twitch, which he claims that a few factor he does must get him banned on the the platform effortlessly. He says streaming on YouTube is plenty better and he does not must worry approximately being banned and that he feels more "loose".
Twomad gang

Twomad Gang is a channel wherein twomad uploads observation and storytime movies typically approximately himself. In the channel, he talks about how he made the “Goodnight Girl” meme viral and what it is like being a YouTuber.
Epic SMP

Twomad joined the EpicSMP, a modded Minecraft server made by way of way of Matt Watson, on its starting day on Janurary sixteenth, 2021. He attempted to "speedrun" the game much like Dream, terrorize severa contributors and take souls. He died looking to combat off a zombie.
Feud with K-pop stans

On June 22, 2019, Twomad made a video known as "Do NOT MESS with K-pop STANS!!!"[2] in which he mocked kpop stans, Koreaboos and the boy band BTS, imitating their mannerisms and referring to the the contributors as "Junkuk". He additionally called them "puppets for North Korea" and said that they really labored for Kim Jong-un. He then additionally tweeted horrible matters about BTS, which caused severa kpop stans to flock to his account and junk mail him with hateful messages and kpop fancams.

On March 1, 2020, Twomad found that BTS stans were trying to take prison motion over his video and had mailed him a lawsuit.[3] They moreover accused him of racism towards Korean humans, Twomad then showed screenshots of a number of the messages he received, severa of which had called him the n-word. He additionally made a tweet in which he made a racist observation approximately BTS having Coronavirus which triggered the harassment to spike, and persevered to mock them for his or her attempts to contact Bighit and claiming that they'd grounds for a defamation lawsuit.

In October 10, 2021, he determined that he had acquired even extra DMs, particularly mocking the loss of life of his mom, and been informed to kill himself due to the fact he joked about BTS. A lot of the DMs have been racist in nature as nicely and had in comparison him to monkeys
Zoom conferences

With the COVID-19 pandemic causing lockdown, most colleges took to on line gaining knowledge of via the Zoom app. Twomad ordered enthusiasts to send of their Zoom passwords to him so he should invade their lessons. He changed into so notorius for invading random human beings's zoom meetings that he appeared on the information.