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unbelievable !
omg Jiyeon just ignored Hwayoung..
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Jiyeon bitch
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so unbelievable!!!
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poor hwayoung... can somebody tell me what's the root of their problem, i read from allkpop that netizens are requesting the management of wgm to pull out eunjong from that show.. and cfs of eunjong are getting bad feedback... there must be a valid reason why they are doing this to hwayoung...
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@nylamrehs Yes KDB Daewoo Securities decided not to use Eunjung anymore. For Tonimory, they've already changed model but now there is T-Ara's poster. They planned to remove all posters.
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@lavieenrose...that's too bad... t'ara's one of the most famous kpop group globally, and there's a possibilitty of disbandment..
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