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When Jesus heard that John is baptizing people in the Jordan river, he left the Galilee and came down to Jericho to be baptized by John. And John was surprised to see is second cousin there, but Jesus told him, "You say to the people that the day of judgment is near, but I am going to tell them that it already arrived. You think you protest against the priests when you baptize people for no charge, but you did not distant yourself enough from their lies. Yet it must be so that I will be baptized by you before I will start teaching". And Jesus did not tell John that he came to him because he know that Caiaphas will then have to get them arrested, because he will be afraid that they will reveal the truth, and so it was, and they both were arrested and brought to Jerusalem. And then Caiaphas asked to bring Jesus to him. So now the father and the son are sitting in the chamber of the high priest, which is in the highest place in Jerusalem. "I can make you the greatest man who ever lived", Caiaphas says. "Not just the Jews, but the whole world will revere you! ". "You do not know anything about greatness", Jesus replies, "For even if you could turn stones into bread, you would still give stones to the people who ask you for bread". And Caiaphas says, "If you know so much about greatness, cast yourself from a high cliff, see if you will be saved. " And Jesus says, "I will do so in due time and I will not be saved, but the whole world will be saved". And then Caiaphas lets Jesus go. He knows that his grand plan has failed. He thinks that Jesus is either mad or just a fool. But John remains in prison because Caiaphs thinks that he is the real threat to him.
If you choose to believe and Jesus chooses you then you will live forever in the lords kingdom, if you choose not to believe you will live forever in damnation. The choice is ours to make. I know that Jesus lives because I am covered by his blood, and when you are blessed with the anointing of the Holy Spirit there is no doubt. If we live in Christ and he lives in your heart you know that he is near. But to take God's holy word and write a fiction story is nothing but blasphemy. I pray that you will seek him diligently and that he will find you. God bless you
"either mad or just a fool." Interesting way to summarize the way that many non-believers in this seem to feel about Jesus.
"For even if you could turn stones into bread, you would still give stones to the people who ask you for bread." I feel like this applies to many people these days.