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Sooyoung of Girls’ Generation and actor Kam Woo Sung have confirmed their lead roles in MBC’s new drama, “My Spring Day.” “My Spring Day” is a drama that tells the story of a terminally ill woman who goes through an organ transplant to receive a new heart. Sooyoung will play the role of heroine Lee Bom, the woman who gets the chance to live a brand new life after a heart transplant. This drama will be her return to the small screen in about one year, since starring in tvN’s “Dating Agency: Cyrano.” Actor Kam Woo Sung, who is 20 years older than Sooyoung, will play the lead male role of Kang Dong Ha, a CEO of a livestock company. Kang Dong Ha loses his wife in an accident and has to raise his two children by himself. Lee Bom is the woman who receives his wife’s heart in an organ transplant, and in a weird twist of fate, is also the woman he falls in love with. “My Spring Day” is described as a heart-warming drama, drawing on the premise of ”cellular memory”- an unverified notion that claims memories can be stored in individual cells, causing the receiver of an organ transplant to act like or have the the personality of the donor. The drama is directed by Lee Jae Dong who has previously directed “Thank You” and “Missing You.” It is written by Park Ji Sook, who recently wrote the drama “Hero.” “My Spring Day” is scheduled to begin airing in September, following the end of the currently airing “Fated to Love You.”
나의 아름다운 공주 여왕. ♥
very sweet girl ! Love her acting in My Spring Day!
I'm kinda getting annoyed with the whole ahjumma and adjussi romance! It's cool they're showing age difference is nothing when it comes to love but they're doing a bit too much!
@lili I know lol but 20 years is still a lot!
@kdramallama Haha well it's just acting!
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