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Cast of "Joseon Gunman" takes a silly picture
Lead stars for the drama “The Joseon Gunman” Lee Jun Ki, Nam Sang Mi, and Han Joo Wan showed their progress in the show by releasing a sassy on-set photo. On July 16, Lee Jun Ki uploaded the photo to his personal Weibo (Chinese SNS), humorously titled “I see you guys getting ready to fire.” In the photo, a hanbok clad Han Juwan smiles jokingly with her arms raised over her head. Just behind her in his suit and glasses, his coat visible above the edge of Lee Jun Ki’s hanbok, Nam Sang Mi strikes a comically menacing pose. The three appear to be getting along well during the filming process. Fans who got a peek on set through the photo commented “Today is the day of ‘The Joseon Gunman,’” “The atmosphere on set looks really good,” “You’re all so cute,” “Today is ‘gun day,’” and so forth, revealing their anticipation of the show’s broadcast later that day. The highly rated drama airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays on KBS2. Wednesday marked the run of the seventh episode.
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