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I went on this ride in search of a few hills to work on my climbing. I dropped my water bottle on top of a big hill as I was zooming down. Had to go back to grab it, so I got a bonus climb :)
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@bikesnob I will definitely try it out. It sounds like a lot of fun!
@wkoetsch You should check it out. Segments are actually a lot of fun! I've met a few people in my area just because I've seen them on the leaderboards :)
the data shown in my Endomondo app is adjustable to other things as well as heart rate too. I think I like the idea of a leader board though
@wkoestsch Strava tells you pretty much the same data for your personal rides, but you can also set up a heart rate monitor for it and it will calculate even more data with it like Suffer Score. However, I know it's extremely popular in the bicycling community in the US, there are many cycling computers that are programmed to automatically upload to Strava. The one thing I really enjoy about it is the social aspects, especially the segments. There are segments people create around most cities and a leader board is formed based on average speed. You can filter the leaderboard to friends/age/weight/gender/etc. Pretty cool!
This app is called Endomondo Pro. not sure where they get their altitude data from. I don't know if it's accurate. How is strava?
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