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I loved watching this video, because Andrew Goodin does a great job explaining what goes on in a maker space. This would be excellent to share if you're getting resistance from administrators about setting up a maker space in your library. Andrew addresses my favorite part of what I saw with our pop-up maker space last December--community building! Student initially work with their friends, but the communal tables gradually blur the boundaries of groups, as someone shares her expert advice or solution to a problem with others. Andrew also points out his role as coach, and not teacher. I freely admitted to students I have no skill at most of these projects, so they jumped in to make samples for me to display. He also addresses the variety of things you can do in a maker space, including some very low tech ideas. I loved the thought of having students build prototypes with cardboard. The library doesn't have to supply circuits and wires, but it can be the incubator for lots of cool projects that get completed elsewhere.