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Eden Rassette provides a low key way to approach maker spaces. This is much more feasible for most school libraries than wishing for a 3D printer, and more in line with my goals. Filling some large plastic storage containers with markers, colored pencils, glue sticks, duct tape, leftover construction paper scraps, stickers, etc., can spark creativity. Add a stack of books from your collection about creating pop-up cards, or making duct tape wallets, and you'll have a group of students heaving a collective and disappointed sigh when it's time to leave the library!
This is a great idea! I feel like this can work for not only libraries but any space where you're trying to get teens of a variety of ages amused without many funds.
I think I might make one of these for my office. My coworkers are always using our markers to draw on the walls (they're whiteboards, don't worry!) so maybe I can transform that creative energy into some great art! Thanks for the idea!
I'm hoping that this year I'll get kids to make mobiles, as I have an area in the library where the ceilings are over two stories tall. Maybe your co-workers can decorate the office!