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iGlobsyn Technologies - Make Grocery Delivery App like One Kiosk

the appsWould you like to launch an online grocery and ordering mobile app for your grocery delivery startup? Contact iGlobsyn Technologies. We have a very experienced and strong development team to make the grocery application. They have already completed many grocery delivery applications and the best example is "One Kiosk". So if you want to get more details, visit the https://www.iglobsyn.com/one-kiosk-africa-case-study/
. Please call us today to get a free quote for Food Delivery Application Development.
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Wedding Venues Should Be Chosen With Care
A wedding is an occasion that needs much planning and preparation. There are quite a few things that make weddings a memorable and pleasant experience for the bride and groom as well as guests. You should select your wedding venue with great care to make it a grant event. The size of the wedding hall should accommodate all guests comfortably, at the same time too large a hall is not necessary. You can select a hall with 20 to 25 extra seats, but not more as too many empty seats tend to send a negative impression that many guests have absented from the wedding. This is a bad feeling for the guests. The venue of the wedding should have space for all the activities you plan to set up, be it a band, dance stage, or standing feast. If there is no suitable arrangement to contain the guests, the place will be stuffed and unpleasant. No one wishes to stay in an overcrowded wedding hall. Hence, space should be allotted for every planned activity at the wedding hall. Ensure the arrangements are done in an appropriate way by visiting the place the previous day of the event. Wedding costs can rise to unanticipated heights if you are not cautious. Hidden costs and expenses are the main reason for these surprising or shocking extra expenses. Get a clear picture of the catering expenses, rent for furniture, rents for cutlery and crockery, charges for food and drink, stage decoration charges, DJ charges if there is one, and charges for the staff service. It is when miscellaneous charges are added to regular bills, that the expenses turn atrocious. Understand the expenses of all services and calculate the chances of getting an increase in the bill. Visit the wedding venue two weeks before the occasion to ensure it is in top condition. Flaws should be repaired and taken care of by contacting the respected persons. An unkempt wedding venue kills all the charm of a wedding. Note the time needed to reach the wedding venue from your home so that you can start on time and reach the place on time on a great day. There are many wedding halls in Jaipur available in different sizes and costs. If you think the venue you chose is too expensive there is no need to stick to it. Find another place that is less expensive, but has the necessary facilities. Ensure the hall is booked on time so that you do not miss the chance to get a good venue for someone else.
Best sales lead monitoring software
Lead generation is the fuel that propels a company’s growth. Your sales team needs the power of Time Chart’s sales lead management solution. The monitoring software is built to add layers of value to optimize the sales funnel and improve the lead generation and conversion process.It is created primarily to keep the engagement level going and provide a subtle push to the buyer's journey deeper into the sales funnel. This results in a new customer for the organization.The lead monitoring software helps you to be on top of your lead generation campaign and enhance customer retention numbers.Be it initial contact, follow-up, or subsequent meetings and demo, the software records every activity of the sales team to give a better picture of the team’s performance to the relevant stakeholders.TimeChart’s customer acquisition app helps manage leads from the pipeline to closing with ease. All details of the communication log and or physical meetings are recorded and maintained systematically.The sales lead management solution is customized as per your specific product, business, and target audience. Hence, you can be sure to derive maximum value from your very own lead monitoring software.The field staff can record data on the go, irrespective of the location, device, or platform they use. The solution can integrate well with any type of platform to ensure a streamlined and smooth lead generation process for your sales team.Get the lead monitoring software todayContact us at Time Chart to know more about the value proposition of the lead monitorihttp://timechart.org ng software. We are happy to provide a free demo of the solution so that you can witness the immense sales value it presents to your organization.All you need to do is let us know a suitable time and venue, and we will be available, just for you. Lead generation is the fuel that propels a company’s growth. Your sales team needs the power of Time Chart’s sales lead management solution. The monitoring software is built to add layers of value to optimize the sales funnel and improve the lead generation and conversion process. It is created primarily to keep the engagement level going and provide a subtle push to the buyer's journey deeper into the sales funnel. This results in a new customer for the organization. The lead monitoring software helps you to be on top of your lead generation campaign and enhance customer retention numbers. Be it initial contact, follow-up, or subsequent meetings and demo, the software records every activity of the sales team to give a better picture of the team’s performance to the relevant stakeholders. TimeChart’s customer acquisition app helps manage leads from the pipeline to closing with ease. All details of the communication log and or physical meetings are recorded and maintained systematically. The sales lead management solution is customized as per your specific product, business, and target audience. Hence, you can be sure to derive maximum value from your very own lead monitoring software. The field staff can record data on the go, irrespective of the location, device, or platform they use. The solution can integrate well with any type of platform to ensure a streamlined and smooth lead generation process for your sales team. Get the lead monitoring software today Contact us at Time Chart to know more about the value proposition of the lead monitoring software. We are happy to provide a free demo of the solution so that you can witness the immense sales value it presents to your organization. All you need to do is let us know a suitable time and venue, and we will be available, just for you.
Top Reasons Why Offshore Talent is in Demand | Optymize
As corporate businesses around the world get thirsty for talented employees, the demand for offshore talents is surging tremendously. Offshore talent has been used for a long time now but the covid has given it a huge momentum as remote work policies were introduced. Though it’s been around for a long time, many emerging companies and startups are still unknown to the concepts of offshore talent and their rising demand. In this article, we will cover key areas of offshore talent, why it’s storming the tech industries and reasons to hire offshore candidates. What is Offshore Talent Offshore Talent or employees refer to candidates who are working for an organization remotely from different parts of the world. Why Offshore Talent, Problems With In-House Management To bring some clarity to the subject of offshore talent and their rising demand in many companies, we have to make some points crystal clear. Starting with in-house talent, yes you might be wondering how in-house talent is responsible for this whole offshore talent fiasco. Well, in-house teams only play a small role in it but what we want to tell you is there are some other factors excluding in-house teams which are making businesses choose offshore talent. No wonder every company is calibrating its objectives to make huge profits with minimal spending. Money plays an important role as profit should always be greater than spending. All these reasons are enough to convince a company to hire offshore talent. 1. Time-Consuming Recruitment Process · – It’s probably the most major issue why companies are ditching in-house teams and hiring offshore employees. We all have been there when we faced an exhausting recruitment process. Studies show that a company spends an average of 55 days per candidate for the recruitment process, you must be arguing yes, it takes that much time as the company needs to verify if the candidate suits their need or not, well yes you are correct. However, we all know time is precious and some companies even after putting in a lot of hard work and steps to filter the right candidate somehow end up with a portion of bad hiring, which can drive their company to a dire loss. Hence, they hire offshore talent as they are verified experienced professionals who know their work area. · – Also, commitments like notice period, and the time is taken by candidates to join a company make this process go over 2 months, that’s right companies sometimes wait for that much for a candidate. · – Moving ahead to a slow hiring process and the cost a company has to bear while they hire a candidate. According to research data the cost to hire an in-house candidate in the US only surpasses $20 billion per year, that much money is being put into hiring an in-house candidate which is insanely huge. 2. The Loyalty of New Hiring No offense, freshers have a strong enthusiasm and potential to gear up businesses to achieve greater goals. Companies have to train freshers a lot as they do not have any prior experience in their relevant field, and various training sessions and workshops are arranged for these new joiners which again means companies’ cost increases per in-house candidate. Having said that, these new joiners on the other hand leave their jobs after a year or so, this is concerning companies as they invest a lot of time and money to train them to become aware of every other technology. Companies don’t seem to like this fact as they lose a lot of things and gain less profit. Companies will only be wasting money if their candidate remains in their company for a year or so. 3. Less Flexibility There are times when companies require a special skill set to complete a project as the project runs only on that technology. If their in-house teams lack these skill sets companies may have to hire candidates with those relevant skill sets, which makes no sense because the company cannot add candidates for a short period till the project is completed. They may have to keep these skilled candidates on payroll to complete that project which is another loss for the company as they won’t be requiring them after finishing the project. Offshore vs Outsource Many people get confused about understanding offshore and outsourcing as they sound like similar concepts. To bring clarity to the subject we have to understand what these two strategies are and by doing so we can be able to distinguish both and understand for what scenario they are made for when to approach which strategy and so on. 1. Offshore The easiest way to define offshore is an organization opening its subsidiaries from its headquarters in different parts of the world. For example- Google and Microsoft Have subsidiaries in other parts of the world to carry out work in that particular region hence these are called offshore companies. These offshore subsidiaries can still be managed by its headquarters located in the home base giving more control over the operations in each subsidiary. 2. Offshore Talent or Employees Now we know what offshore means, let’s look more into the offshore candidates. Similar to the concept of offshore companies the offshore Talent or employees refer to candidates working for an organization from different parts of the world. 3. Offshore Strategy The offshore strategy has gained huge momentum as the world craves for skilled candidates to fulfill its demand and resource gap. The offshore strategy helps bring quality work enhancing a company’s reputation and ratings. Also, their market reach gets expanded as the developers in different parts of the world can act as brand ambassadors. The offshore strategy helps to spread awareness about their company in different parts of the world gaining more huge chunks of clients worldwide. As the company’s market reach expands they are likely to get more benefits like increased market value and profits. 4. Offshore Advantages Cost-effective as there is a huge difference in currency exchange rates and chances are companies will find a pool of talent at a cheaper price. Opens the door to do business in the international market where the subsidiary is located. Outsource The easiest way to define outsourcing is an organization reaching out to a third-party vendor to do its activities. For example- an IT company reaching out to a third-party vendor for blockchain developers who are situated in different parts of the world as their in-house team lacks that particular skill. These activities are managed by third-party vendors as they are responsible for hiring candidates. 1. Outsourced talent Outsourced talent is handpicked by third-party vendors and they are highly experienced and skilled employees, as they have the relevant expertise for a job they are highly productive and can enhance the projects in no time. 2. Outsourcing Strategy An outsourcing strategy is a great way to hire verified experienced people from a third-party vendor. Everyone gets the piece of cake on their part as it helps everyone involved in outsourcing, such as the company, the third-party vendor and the candidate. Suppose if a company needs a java developer they can easily contact a third-party vendor for this and that third-party can provide its verified and highly experienced java developer that way the developer will be able to solve all their project requirements and finish the work on time hence everyone wins. 3. Outsourcing Advantages Scales up third-party vendors’ profits and the economy as it gets more businesses from different companies around the world. Cost-effective for companies who reach out to third-party vendors as the candidates work from the different countries which have huge currency rate differences. Hence, the vendors and employees will get paid at a reasonable price. Top Reasons to Hire Offshore Talent Now to the most important point, what do you think encourages companies to hire offshore talent? though there are many reasons they prefer hiring offshore employees, and it gives opportunity to many small businesses to show their capability with the teams they have. But wait what about in-house talent won’t they be affected by these strategies? Well, the answer to this is no, though offshore employees tend to be highly skilled and experienced they are equally rare to find hence in-house teams can rest assured about their job security. To have more insights let’s look at those reasons- 1. Cost-Effective Approach 1. We have been through this point in offshore vs outsource but to give you more detail on this fact, many companies in the US save more than $2000 dollars per in-house employee each year by hiring offshore talent. 2. This is not the only reason companies look to hire offshore talent as the cost of hiring an offshore team of developers is low as compared to in-house teams. You might be wondering how? Well, the offshore developers are located in different parts of the world and they work remotely saving all of these office costs. Not to forget some of them reside in third world countries meaning their economies are growing but not strong enough hence they will get a fair pay deal and remote work which again will boost the company’s product development. 2. Offshore Talent is More Efficient Companies are confident about their in-house team and their expertise in building a project, but studies have shown that offshore employees tend to be more effective as they work in a remote work environment. Not to forget the level of expertise they have, offshore talent is mostly hired when there is a crucial role to be filled. As these roles are crucial and their tasks need to be performed carefully, a candidate with expertise in the relevant field is required and there is no other skilled employee than an offshore developer and that’s why the company approaches them as they have proven their skill sets in a variety of different tech industries. 3. Expands Market Reach Now we have started to understand how effective offshore strategy is, we need to understand how it helps in the expansion of the company’s market reach. As offshore talent works in different parts of the world they can promote their company in their region using social media and the developer community. They can act as ambassadors representing the company they are currently employed to. This allows the company to expand their market reach as they gain more clients from that particular region. For this reason, offshore talent is perfect to expand the business. 4. Scalable Teams As compared to traditional hiring offshore hiring is much easier and it takes less time to onboard candidates to the team. This provides high flexibility to companies to scale their offshore team as per market needs, hence offshore employees help companies around the world to scale up their businesses as the market grows. 5. 24*7 Working One of the greatest benefits of offshore talent is that teams around the world can operate 24*7 according to their timezone. We all know offshore teams work from different countries and a company is likely to hire multiple teams to have the flexibility to handle different teams whenever they want. If a team is working from Europe and stops working after its working hour is completed then other teams which may be located in India can work as their time zone is different, hence the companies can always have multiple teams who might be working 24*7, and it enables them to provide product development at a faster rate. Conclusion As we have discussed some key points about why companies are eager to hire offshore talent, it might have cleared out some of your doubts regarding offshore talent. Though it’s rising and seems to be never-ending as different technologies arise in different niches giving rise to the demand for highly skilled and experienced candidates such as offshore talent. No wonder the future of offshore talents is prosperous as they have the expertise to enhance an organization’s product development. Having said that, it doesn’t mean offshore talents will wipe out the in-house teams as they have expertise in doing their job, hence the companies will keep on recruiting both talents to leverage their benefit
Web Application Security – Everything You Should Know
Introduction Web applications have spread to almost all industries in the past few years, making business operations easier. After banking and finance to e-commerce, consequently, all industries actively seek web application development services for their said benefits.  We are sure you don’t want this to happen to your business applications. But is there something you can do?  Of course. Find services that are also concerned about web application security. Having a feature-rich web app would be vain if it’s unsecured. Therefore, we have some important details about making secure apps and websites and our approach to creating secure web apps.   What is Web Application Security Testing Web app security testing is a process to assess web applications for various security flaws, loopholes, and vulnerabilities. It is essential to prevent cyber attacks, data breaches, and malware. Threats are ever existing. But careful security testing highlights all hidden vulnerable points that may be on the verge of exploitation by hackers.   Importance of Web App Security Testing Digital transformation has offered innumerable benefits to different industries. However, like the second face of the coin, there are some troubles too. Cyber threats and hackers are a few problems that you should be protecting your business applications from.  While web app development solutions continuously raise security standards, hackers come up with new, sophisticated techniques to break through them. For a long time, cybersecurity was put in the backseat as developers were least concerned about the impact of this negligence. Only when companies started losing millions and news headlines were filled with security breaches has this changed.  Cyber attacks are scarier than they seem. Mentioned below are some benefits of paying attention to web app development security.   1. Identify Vulnerabilities and Flaws in Web Apps One of the most important benefits of security testing is that it unveils all vulnerabilities and flaws that can cause trouble. For every web application development company, security testing is a crucial step of the development life cycle. As a result, developers are mindful of how security tests can make applications more reliable and follow the same at different stages.   2. Comply with Security Regulations As a result of increasing cyber-attacks and data breaches, several security standards and laws were set for specific industries and their web applications. In order to protect the users’ interests, web app security testing is made mandatory for almost all industries. It’s especially applicable to sensitive sectors like e-commerce, banking, and finance.   3. Analyze and Improve Current Security Web security check helps in detecting any loopholes in your system and ensure adherence to current security measures. Even the firewall that is meant to protect your web app can have vulnerabilities. Regular security checks help in detecting these problems and rectifying the weaknesses before they take a toll on your business.   4. Detect Any Abnormal Activities and Security Regular security audits help in detecting any hacker behavior or security breaches going on with the application. In fact, according to IBM, it takes an average of 196 days for a company to recognize a security breach within their system.  5. Formulate a Security Plan Using the details of a security audit, companies can prepare an effective security plan and prioritize responses against a hack or breach. It will also help in planning out incident responses according to your app or business.  Moreover, you will anyway req uire guidance from experts.  Steps to Perform Manual Web App Security Testing Although you may not be able to make it without professional help, a little information never hurts. Here are the steps that we follow as a web application development company to manually test web apps.  1) Asset Discovery  2) Look for Outdated Versions  3) Check for Various Permissions  4) Check for Security Protocols  5) Penetration Test to Analyze Code Rigidity  6) Database Security Check  7) Run Configuration Tests  8) Check Network Assets  9) Business Logic  10) Client-side Logic  11) Input Validation  12) Authentication and Session Management  13) Configurations  14) Check for Authorization  Secure Web Application Development at Narola Infotech There will always be a few vulnerabilities with your undertakings. But it should not keep you from grabbing the lucrative opportunities that come through well-designed web apps. You just need to choose a web app development company wisely.  Although we can’t help with the growing number of hackers, we make sure that your web applications remain intact. Source: https://www.narolainfotech.com/blogs/web-application-security-planning-everything/
Online Tutor App Development: 5 key features to integrate
Technology is showing its advancements in the education sector. Traditional teaching methods where teachers used blackboards or whiteboards to teach are on a verge of extinction. Teachers use digital learning tools like projectors in the classrooms to teach students. In the wake of the pandemic, mobile apps became a standard digital tool for education because of their convenient nature. The apple app store had 470 million worldwide, and the google play store had 466 million downloads of educational apps (Statista). Mobile apps are playing the role of tutors for students, and education app development companies are exploring endless opportunities to provide the best experience to the students. Check out the stats on benefits provided by E-learning mobile apps to the students (Statista 43% of the college students found that digital learning is helpful for them 36% of the US college students enjoyed organizing their schedules through digital tools 81% of the students in US colleges believed that digital learning is boosting their grades extremely 60% of the students in Computer science learn from digital tools On-Demand Tutor apps- a new trend in the E-learning industry It is no doubt true that digital learning in mobile apps is setting new opportunities for entrepreneurs ready to deploy powerful apps rich in features for students and teachers. While exploring the ideas, online tutor app development is one of the trending and profit selling ideas. But, entrepreneurs with nontechnical backgrounds are stuck on the features to embed that can push their mobile app to the top of the E-learning market. Before moving to an educational app development company, understand the below features and their importance. 5 key features to embed The article will provide essential and trending features that Entrepreneurs must add to their online-Tutor apps to suppress the competition. 1. Convenient and Flawless signup/login The log-in or registration page is the first thing that users encounter when they open the app for the first time. You must ensure that they have a smooth and easy registration and login process. A glitchy experience increases app bounce rates, and users will be more likely to move toward your competitors. The users do not entertain complexity in passwords and personal details, so ensure that you provide a fast registration process. For the quickest login and registration, integrate the google or Facebook sign process. 2. AI rich searches Every user searches their queries with different keywords. You have to make a rich AI app so that your app fetches accurate results for the user’s queries. It is an excellent idea to provide filters in the app to simplify the search process for the users and deliver them a refined list of learning material. 3. Gamification of assessments Online tutor app development is a trending phrase because entrepreneurs want to provide a personal tutor to the student. The apps conduct tests for the students, but a simple MCQ test showing the results at the end is not an attractive trait of an industry-leading education app. To make the assessments engaging, you have to implement gamification for the evaluations. Integrate leader boards for the top students in class and provide rewards for the intelligent students. Also Read: https://www.vingle.net/posts/3787348 4. Offline access to the course materials Everything is online, but not everyone has a fast internet to surf the content at high speed. To cope with the issue, you have to provide the option of "Offline Access" so that students can download the course content and watch it on-demand anywhere they want. Notes are also an essential component for students, and ensure that you provide flexibility to the students to download the notes in different formats like pdf, doc, or txt. 5. Save the state of resources efficiently When we watch a video, we want that the video must resume from where we left off no matter how long we have been away from the video. The same happens with the on-demand tutor app because students do not want to miss out on the time stamps from where they left their content. The learner must get the same section, same video, and the same timestamp. Hence, ensure that you save the complete state of users' sessions to save their time and resources in getting back to where they left. Final verdict On-demand tutor apps are top-rated among students. From primary to postgraduates, the majority of the students use smartphones for their day-to-day activities, be it learning or entertaining. If you are an entrepreneur, you must ensure that you embed the above-provided features to ensure the success of your Online Tutor app development project. Once you understand the above features well, you can quickly contact an educational app development company and kickstart your on-demand tutor app development.
Nồi điện có nấu được các món bún bò huế, bún riêu, bún cá ?
Nguồn: https://bepdo.com/noi-dien-co-nau-duoc-cac-mon-bun-bo-hue-bun-rieu-bun-ca/ Để nấu được các món bún bò huế bún cá bún riêu thì ngoài việc có một công thức thì ta không thể thiếu đó là một chiếc nồi nấu bún chuẩn. Vào những năm trước thì nồi nấu bếp gas bếp than, củi được các quán ăn, cửa hàng dùng phổ biến. Nhưng những kiểu nồi truyền thống đó gây ra một số vấn đề gây khó khăn cản trở ở 1 số vấn đề như thời gian nấu nước và về môi trường và độ an toàn khi ta nấu nước cũng như ninh hầm xương. Vì thế mà hầu hết các cửa hàng, quán ăn đều có xu hướng chuyển sang dùng nồi nấu bằng điện. Có thể bạn quan tâm: Một số kinh nghiệm chọn mua nồi nấu phở điện dùng trong kinh doanh Bảng giá mới nhất nồi inox điện nấu bún phở hủ tiếu chính hãng 2022 Nồi nấu phở điện mâm nhiệt của Trung quốc có bền không ? nồi điện có nấu được các món bún bò huế, bún riêu, bún cá ? Khẳng định chắc chắn nồi điện hoàn toàn có thể nấu các món bún bò huế, bún riêu, bún cá cùng nhiều món ăn nước khác và còn rất ngon nữa. Hiện nồi điện hay còn gọi là nồi nấu phở điện với thiết kế hiện đại giúp bạn kiểm soát rất tốt khả năng nấu nước dùng chuẩn vị. Nồi điện vừa tiết kiệm, an toàn hợp vệ sinh với môi trường và giảm thiểu rất nhiều công sức. Bạn có thể xem Nồi nấu phở điện để hiểu hơn về thiết bị bếp nhà hàng đang được săn đón thời gian gần đây. Xem thêm: Kinh nghiệm chọn nồi điện nấu hủ tiếu thích hợp nhất cho bạn Nồi điện nấu bún có những ưu điểm gì ? Tại sao ngày càng nhiều người bỏ bếp truyền thống để tìm đến các sản phẩm nồi điện tiện lợi? Các ưu điểm quá lợi cho người dùng vì thế mà không lý do gì mọi người không chuyển đổi. Thời gian ninh hầm xương được rút ngắn Với những nồi bếp than, bếp củi thì ta mất khoảng 8-10 tiếng để ninh hầm xương còn đối với nồi điện này thì thời gian rút ngắn gần một nửa. Và đặc biệt ta không phải thức khuya dậy sớm để trông coi nồi vì nồi điện được thiết kế bởi hệ thống điện thông minh. Chất liệu của nồi điện nấu bún Bếp gas bếp than, củi được làm từ gang, đồng nhiệt toả ra rất nóng lửa lại tập trung dưới đáy nồi làm cho nước ninh xương không được toả nhiệt đều. Nồi điện được làm từ inox 304 chống hoen gỉ độ bền cao được cấu tạo 3 lớp với 1 lớp cách nhiệt ở giữa vừa tránh thất thoát nhiệt lại an toàn khi ta chạm vào thân nồi không bỏng rát. Bảo hành bảo trì tiết kiệm hơn Với bếp gas ta phải cung cấp gas thường xuyên nên chi phí bỏ ra rất tốn kém. Nồi điện sử dụng điện đốt nóng thanh rơ le để làm nóng nước, khi ta nấu xong thì nồi có thể tự động bật tắt giữ ấm đối với nồi bún điện liền hoặc ta có thể điều chỉnh công suất theo ý muốn đối với nồi bún điện rời. Bạn có thể xem dịch vụ sửa chữa bảo trì nồi bún phở điện chuyên nghiệp khi có sự cố với nồi điện nấu bún bất cứ lúc nào. Nồi vệ sinh đơn giản nhanh chóng Nồi có van xả nước để mỗi khi ta nấu xong ta chỉ cần mở van xả không cần phải nghiêng nồi rất tiện lợi. Khi vệ sinh ta lau chùi sạch sẽ thành nồi với nước rửa chén là nồi đã sạch bóng. Thanh nhiệt ta cẩn thận dùng khăn bông hoặc vải mềm lau nhẹ nhàng để thanh nhiệt không bị gãy. Việc sử dụng cũng như vệ sinh nồi điện vô cùng đơn giản và tiện lợi so với bếp truyền thống. Cùng tham khảo 1 số mẫu nồi mà BẾP ĐỎ đang có nhé! Các mẫu nồi phù hợp nhất để phục vụ các món bún huế, bún riêu, bún cá Thông thường một bát bún cần từ 300ml – 500ml từ số lượng khách ta phục vụ trong 1 ngày để tính ra lượng nước dùng cần có với nồi ninh hầm xương t chỉ thu được từ 70 – 80% vì thể tích phần xương hầm đã được trừ đi. 3 mẫu nồi mà BẾP ĐỎ đưa ra dưới đây sẽ là lựa chọn phù hợp để các bạn an tâm sử dụng. Bạn có thể quan tâm: Địa chỉ bán nồi nấu phở điện loại tốt chính hãng uy tín trên toàn quốc Bộ 2 nồi bún riêu điện 50L-60L Đối với những quán ăn vừa và nhỏ thì đây chính là lựa chọn phù hợp nhất giúp bạn không phải đau đầu trong việc chọn dung tích nồi nấu. Được làm 100% từ inox 304 chống hoen gỉ, độ bền cao cùng với thiết kế hiện đại đẹp mắt. Vỏ nồi 3 lớp giữ nhiệt tốt lại an toàn khi sử dụng. Nước dùng được làm nóng nhờ các thanh nhiệt với công suất cao. Vệ sinh dễ dàng hơn so với những loại nồi truyền thống bộ nồi nấu phở bún mọc cao cấp tại vũng tàu Bộ 3 nồi nấu bún bò huế 20L-50L-80L Đây là bộ nồi nấu được hầu hết các quán nấu bún phở hay các loại bún tin dùng vì sự đa năng và hiệu quả của nó mang lại rất lớn Nồi trụng bánh phở 20L nồi được dùng để trụng rau củ giúp cho món ăn không bị lẫn vị Nồi nấu nước dùng 50L nồi nấu nước dùng, nước lèo với dung tích chuẩn xác Nồi hầm xương 80L nồi hầm xương hoạt động liên tục để lấy nước cốt để pha chế nước dùng Mỗi nồi có chức năng riêng giúp bạn tiết kiệm tối đa thời gian cũng như công sức phù hợp với các quán ăn vừa và nhỏ Bộ 3 nồi bún cá điện 30L-80L-100L Mẫu nồi đáp ứng nhu cầu phục vụ khách hàng cho các quán ăn lớn với số lượng 180-250 tô một ngày. Cũng như mẫu 3 nồi điện 20L-50L-80L thì mẫu 3 nồi phở điện này cũng có những chức năng riêng lẻ nhưng khả năng đáp ứng cao hơn nhiều. Thiết kế kiểu dáng đẹp phù hợp với mọi không gian quán ăn nồi sạch sẽ đẹp mắt sẽ ghi điểm trong mắt của khách hàng. Ngoài ra với nhiều quán ăn nhỏ việc sử dụng 1 nồi điện là bắt buộc khi eo hẹp về tài chính. Bạn cũng có thể yên tâm khi tại BẾP ĐỎ có những sản phẩm nồi điện nấu nước lèo 2 ngăn cực kì tiện lợi và tiết kiệm cho các quán ăn nhỏ hoặc tại vỉa hè. Trên đây là ưu điểm của nồi điện nấu bún và 3 mẫu nồi phù hợp nhất để các quán bán bún bò huế, bún riêu, bún cá,… nên chọn để có thể phục vụ khách hàng một cách tốt nhất. Mong rằng bài viết này sẽ giúp ích quý khách hàng! Xem thêm: 5 mẹo để tiết kiệm điện cho nồi phở không phải ai cũng biết Cách lựa chọn nồi ninh hầm xương nấu phở phù hợp vừa tiết kiệm lại hiệu quả 5 lưu ý bạn phải biết để nấu nước dùng bún phở bằng nồi điện luôn thơm ngon khi bán
Best Grocery App Development In India
Advanced Features of the Grocery Delivery App After you’ve learned about the most important aspects of a grocery delivery app development, you must learn about additional features and functions that can be included in the app for grocery delivery. This ensures that your app remains ahead of the pack. Push Notifications: This function is quite effective in boosting the engagement of users with the app, which can greatly aid in retaining and acquiring new users. It is crucial to the success of an app that users are constantly engaged with it, however, this should be conducted so that users don’t feel upset or annoyed. Push notifications are fantastic to be used to notify consumers about new offers as well as discounts on grocery items. In addition, notifications can be sent to consumers about their latest purchases in order to ensure that they’re informed about the happenings. GPS Tracking: To develop a grocery delivery mobile application, GPS (Global Positioning System) functions are vital and are beneficial for drivers in finding routes. In addition, it assists in bringing up-to-date information to customers, in regards to orders and delivery. Behaviour Tracking: This feature is of great assistance as it efficiently monitors users’ behaviour on the app and suggests products to them when they return to the app for the next time. This is efficient and makes the whole process of shopping for groceries efficient. Real-time Analytics: This feature is vital to be updated with everything happening in the app via graphs and figures. It is, therefore, easier to make plans for the future and develop strategies and suggestions to entice customers. Loyalty Programs: To keep users glued to your app, it’s vital to offer loyalty programs regularly for your most loyal app users, for example, you could offer them discounts on holidays or even gifts when they have reached a certain limit. Marketing Tools: The goal of this feature is to help promote your application’s mobile version to your targeted customers, by offering specials for new users as well as by running advertisements in-app. Shoppers Tracking: To make this feature work it is also necessary to incorporate GPS capability, which has been mentioned previously. This Shoppers Tracking feature is helpful in locating users every time they are in close proximity to your grocery shop. You can then provide them with promotional offers and discounts, encouraging customers to come at your local grocery shop to avail the discounts. In-App Calling: This feature is helpful for calling in-app store owners or delivery persons. it also permits the delivery driver to call the store owner and customer to contact the user as well as to call the person who delivers. In-App Chatting: In-app chat allows users to communicate with the person who is delivering and store owners should the customer need to provide any specifics. Read more: https://www.softsuave.com/blog/guide-for-successful-grocery-delivery-app-development/
How to Start an Online Grocery Business in the USA | Narola Infotech
An online grocery falls in the B2C segment and helps grocers generate revenues through customers who place orders using their smartphones. Since all online grocery stores have a registered set of vendors, customers only need to select the products they want and type in their addresses. The vendor nearest to the customer’s location receives the request and makes sure that the delivery executive delivers the products within the stipulated time. Besides that, given how rapidly the world is scaling today, it is also important for grocery stores to have their identity online. Here Are Some Important Reasons to Support These Factors: 1. Time is Precious Instacart clone app development services help save lots of time. All that a customer has to do is select the products he wants to buy, add them to the cart, enter a delivery address and make the payment using online payment modes. 2. Customers Get Doorstep Delivery of Products Customers get the products delivered to their doorstep within the stipulated time. Moreover, once customers place the order, they can track their delivery status using mobile applications of the online grocery apps. The online grocery market will expand by $631.84 billion by 2024. This prompts investors to invest in grocery ordering apps. Another commendable grocery delivery app is the Instacart shopping app. Instacart lets users shop for products from different stores of their choice. Given how flexible Instacart is, several developers have come up with Instacart-like apps, which are similar to the app and provide almost the same functionality and features. Although there are several other reasons why Instacart like app development has become popular. The aforementioned reasons are the top four that give a crystal clear picture from a customer’s point of view. If you are an eCommerce enthusiast or a grocery owner looking to launch your online grocery store, then you must know that customer is the king. You must be able to do everything in your capacity to satisfy your customer’s needs. To aid you with the same, here are 12 nuts that will help you build an excellent online store for your grocery business. Important Points That You Need To Know! 1. Choose an Appropriate Platform Instacart clone development features may not run on all platforms. Hence, if you want to attract and maintain a strong customer acquisition and retention, you must choose the best platform. In this way, you will be able to express your brand much better. You will be able to provide all the features and facilities that you want your customers to enjoy. 2. Stabilize the Delivery Module Grocery ordering app services must have strong on-delivery premises. Having such a protocol in place will help you maintain a proper procedure and ensure your customers receive their orders in time. 3. Optimize Your Grocery Store as per Mobile Standards Having an application suitable for mobile phones and smartphones is essential. Millennials today prefer shopping on their mobile phones compared to any other device. With the assistance of the Instacart clone development company, work on rearranging navigation panes and sidebars and customizing as per the mobile interface. 4. Workaround With Content Make sure your grocery app is content-rich. Also, make sure your advertising and marketing handles have catchy and witty one-liners instead of huge blogs and paragraphs. Conclusion Hopefully, the aforementioned ideas and steps will be useful when you start your online grocery business. The demand for online groceries will never cease. Ensure that you keep yourself updated with the changing trends and the demands of the market. With the assistance of the leading Instacart clone app development company, Narola Infotech, you will be able to launch your ideal online grocery store quickly. Find More: How to Start an Online Grocery Business in the USA =>>> Looking To Hire Instacart Clone App Developers For Your Business?
Bà bầu nên chú ý khi sử dụng yến chưng
Tổ yến thực chất là nước bọt của một số loài chim yến có khả năng nhả nước dãi xây tổ. Nói vậy để các bạn hiểu không phải chim yến nào cũng có thể đắp tổ bằng nước bọt. Và ở Việt Nam thì nổi tiếng về yến sào đặc biệt là yến sào có nguồn gốc từ Khánh Hòa. Yến sào được chế biến thành nhiều món ăn tẩm bổ như yến chưng, cháo yến,... Yến chưng có nhiều thành phần đinh dưỡng như protein, nhiều axit amin, vitamin, các khoáng chất vô cùng có lợi cho sức khỏe. Mỗi ngày bổ sung 1 lượng nhỏ yến sào cung cấp năng lượng cho các hoạt động cơ thể, tăng cao sức đề kháng. Không chỉ đối với người già hay trẻ em mà ngay cả với phụ nữ mang thai thì món yến chưng cùng với nhiều nguyên liệu khác cũng mang tới nhiều công dụng tốt. Bà bầu nên ăn yến vào tháng thứ mấy ? và ăn liều lượng như thế nào để đảm bảo dưỡng chất trong quá trình mang thai. Hãy cũng tìm hiểu thông tin dưới đây nhé. Cũng giống như các loại thực phẩm khác, tổ yến dù có nhiều lợi ích cho sức khỏe con người nhưng cũng cần phải chú ý tới cách chế biến và cách sử dụng. Bà bầu không nên ăn yến vào những thời gian đầu mang thai , lúc này cơ thể còn yếu thai nhi cũng mới hình thành cho nên khi nạp vào cơ thể thực phẩm cần phải cẩn trọng tránh gây một số tác dụng phụ. Khi qua giai đoạn ốm nghén mấy tháng đầu thì có thể dùng yến chưng được. Tổ yến nên chưng bằng nồi chưng yến chuyên dụng để giữ được lượng dinh dưỡng tối đa của yến, ngoài ra việc cho thêm nguyên liệu khác cũng cần lưu ý. Theo các chuyên gia, từ tháng thứ 4 trở đi bà bầu có thể ăn yến được rồi, lượng yến ăn mỗi ngày sẽ không nhiều, các chị em có thể ăn cách nhật hoặc 1 tuần ăn 3 - 4 lần cũng được. Tuy nhiên mỗi 1 lần ăn không quá nhiều vì yến sào rất nhiều chất. Chúng ta nên bồi bổ dinh dưỡng từ từ chứ không nên ăn 1 lúc quá nhiều sẽ không tốt cho cơ thể. Yến giúp mẹ bầu tăng sức đề kháng, phòng ngừa một số bệnh, cung cấp lượng dưỡng chất cho cả mẹ và con. Chế biến yến sào có rất nhiều cách, nhưng đa phần mọi người hay làm yến chưng kèm những nguyên liệu phù hợp như yến chưng đường phèn, Yến chưng đông trùng hạ thảo
3 Tips For Shopping at Online Grocery Stores
We are familiar with the term grocery store as it primarily focuses on selling food products. However, in our present time, we see an evolution in the way online grocery stores are being run. Here are some tips which will help you in shopping from an online grocery store. Plan before Shopping: It is important to buy only what you need when you visit the grocery stores so that you will not spend more than you need. To avoid spending too much while shopping in online grocery in Bhopal, make sure that you plan the things that you need to buy. Spend Smartly: Whenever you shop online, it is wise to spend your money smartly. Always spend a good proportion of your money on the things you actually need. Avoid spending too much money on useless things. Wait for the Right Time: If you buy offseason, it will cost less compared to when you are buying on the season. Buy products in Bulk: When you are buying products from the online grocery stores, you must buy in bulk. You might save a lot of extra money, as the products that are sold in bulk come cheaper. Online grocery store in Bhopal plan promotions and sales that are only to attract your attention. The online Kirana (grocery) stores want you to remember the prices of their sales and advertisement. About the Author: This article has been written by Gulrez Khan the founder of the company Kirana Poorti. It is one of the most trusted online grocery stores in Bhopal. Our main aim is to provide customers with a variety of high quality products at the best possible prices.