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I miss being in Beijing so much. A lot of people on Youtube asked me about my life in Beijing during my year abroad (Sept'12-June'13) so I made this video to share with you a little of what it was like and some of the cool things I got up to! *This doesn't include any of the trips I went on during the year (Changsha (x4), Seoul, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Guangzhou (x2), Macau, London, Geneva, Qingdao) so it really is just my daily life in Beijing....maybe I should make another video for those trips later? Anyway, as you can see, I was pretty busy but I was also incredibly lucky to have met so many fantastic people who I now call close friends and to have been given so many wonderful opportunities to do the things I did! To anyone going on their year abroad, do so with an open mind and take every opportunity that comes your way - you NEVER know where it will take you.
that's so amazing. You really made the most of your time in Beijing!
Wow - you've done so much! You were only there for 9 months or so thought, right?
You worked at Beijing TV Station? That looks amazing - did you get well paid? Haha
it looks like you had a truly fantastic time - any plans to go back?