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T-ara’s Eunjung, who’s the solo model for Daewoo Securities, will unfortunately be dropped from the company’s promotions. A represenative of Daewoo Securities stated through a recent phone call with MyDaily, “We have decided to discontinue all promotional images of Eunjung, whose contract was supposed to expire at the end of September. The decision was made due to Eunjung being swept up in the recent controversy.” The rep continued, “Eunjung’s CF contract already ended back in June. We have decided to drop all advertisements related to Eunjung like the images included in promotional materials, which were scheduled until the end of September.” Cr: My Daily
what controversy was this? i feel like t-ara has been in a lot of bad press :/
Really feel sad for her Eunjung had work so hard for all CF and others...
poor Eunjung! she's work so hard come this level ! I'm start crying now! look at her eyes! seriously !! please Eunjung! wake Up ! this is just a reality that you have to face !! you have malaysian fans here! all country knows T-ara ! don't be like that, awww.... I swear, I crying right now! , please stop making face like that ,hmmmm ______SORRY FOR MY BAD ENGLISH____________
just like in Dream High 1