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1. Toilet Paper Reel This awesome toilet paper roll holder takes on the shape of a a reel. Reel it in, cast it out, and spruce up your bathrooms style. To get your own, go here: http://www.opti.co.nz/#!the_breads/c21kz 2. Bass Truck Wrap The pros all have truck wraps: usually these show their name, their sponsor names, and maybe something else in cool colors. But have you ever seen a truck take on the very spirit of fishing: the fish? Check out this awesome bass truck wrap. If you want one of you own, search your area for shows that do custom truck wraps, and head over to ask them if they can make you your very on Bass-Truck. 3. Fly Fishing Toilet Seat If the toilet paper reel isn't enough for you, try this seat as well! The seat cushion is covered in flys, so you can enjoy your time in the bathroom a little bit more. You can buy this on amazon, but it's going to cost you at least $300: http://www.amazon.com/Rivers-Edge-Transparent-Elongated-Toilet/dp/B002UQ3UPY/ref=pd_sim_sg_2?ie=UTF8&refRID=17W227V40DFSK9VT7AJ0
If anyone I know makes their truck look like that, I'm not going anywhere with them!
@mcgraffy it's my favorite as well!
I only really want the toilet paper reel, thank you hah
@happyrock yeah I think I'll pass on it as well XD