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I found this video on Tuesday. I watched it once. Then, twice. I watched it on Wednesday too. I showed it to a friend on Thursday and today, as I sat eating my sandwich at lunch, I found myself sending a link to my friend. Beauty Sickness. These two simple words describe the illness plaguing our society. Society's concept of beauty is so warped by photoshop that even today's models admit the photos which fill magazines and cover billboards around the world champion a kind of beauty which is unattainable. While many people say "Oh but smart women know better than that", nutritionist Alexis Best hits the nail on the head when she says “I don’t think women and girls know the extent to which photos are retouched. I don’t. And even if they do know, I’m not sure it penetrates.” I look at these kinds of images and I know they're photoshopped. I know that the model's body has been manipulated to two-thirds of its natural size, I know that she probably has bags under the eyes and that no ones boobs sit that high up on their rib cage...and yet, despite knowing all this, I still feel my self-esteem drop 10 points. The question is - what are we going to do about it? Photo 2: Kim Kardashian gets tightened up. Photo 3: Kiera Knightley goes from an A cup to a C to D cup. Wow those medieval bras must have been better than the modern day Wonderbra. Photo 4: Model Filipa gets made into a stick insect my Ralph Lauren Photo 5: Madonna...supposedly bearing the torch for older women - or just setting unachievable expectations? Photo 6: Jessica Alba...that photoshop diet must be working?!