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어차피 aka one of my favourite Korean words. Meaning: - "whether you choose this or choose that” - “no matter what choice you make” Examples - 어차피 다시 갈 거예요. (Anyway, I will go again). (I.e It doesn't matter if I forget something, I'll do it next time). - 어차피 제가 할 수 있는 일이 아니에요. (Anyway, it's not even something I can do). (I.e So there's no point getting angry or upset about it). -어차피 늦었으니까 천천히 와. (Anyway you're already late so take your time.) (I.e you're already late so it won't make much difference..!) I think I end up using the last example the most! When I arrange to meet Korean friends, I always arrange to meet them 10 minutes before I actually intend to meet them - then both parties tend to arrive on time ;)
these are a bit advanced for me but I'm enjoying learning them and trying to use them!!
I use this word so much