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Genius Pack has some bags that are ideal for the tech-obsessed. Their Carry On bag costs roughly $200. It includes: - Compartment for laundry so it won't mix with your clean clothes - Pocket for umbrella - Clasp for attaching coat or other item - Compartments for charges, phone, socks, etc - 360 degree wheels - Lots of other pockets + you can make it expandable Their Flight Bag is basically a bag where you can store all your necessities for your flight. You can attach it to your carry on. Cost is roughly $60. The only thing I would complain about these bags is that they are too masculine for my taste...even though I guess they are technically unisex. Check out the videos of both products. Check out the Genius Pack Website at
Cool bag. Handy is the word.
what a smart idea - although $200 is expensive for a carryon bag!
definitely, I wish they had a sale!