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Martyn Ashton's Road Bike Party has inspired thousands of trials riders to broaden their horizons and be more creative. Even though Ashton cannot ride trails anymore, his influence is still apparent in the sport. Brumotti, a former bike trial World Champion and a 10-times Guinness World Record Holder, met with Martyn Ashton to show him the film that he'd been working on in tribute to Martyn. So here is Vittorio Brumotti's take on the Road Bike Party.
Guys that do this are amazing! I used to go to the library and borrow vhs video tapes of guys doing the freestyle hopping with mountain bikes in the 90s. I love it
I can't imagine doing any of this on a road bike. It's just insane!
@wkoetsch Oh man mountain biking on VHS. That seems like forever ago