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There has always been a little tension between road bikers and mountain bikers. Although we are cut from the same jib, there seems to be some lack of camaraderie at times. I would like to think that all the butting of heads is just in jest. However, I feel as though some people may mistake jest for actual ill intentions. I just think it is important to remember that we really are not that different. We all love riding on two wheels.
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@wkoetsch Is that a hardtail? What kind of riding do you like to do? -- Also let me know if you need any help picking out a bike, I know a few tricks that can really help you save on the purchase
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I've been looking, and I'm not ready quite yet financially, but it seems like a Roubaix might be a good choice. Yes, the mountain bike I have is a hard tail (so long as that means no rear suspension lol)
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I've got a Fuji Roubaix and it kicks ass
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Most roadies also MTB.
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PLEASE Someone tell the road biker how to wear a helmet!
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